Stop Trying to Fit In. You Were Born To Stand Out-

Most people spend their lives trying to fit in and yet somehow secretly expect to stand out from the crowd. Early programming has taught most of us to be humble and not to be proud. Most of us were never taught the difference between pride and arrogance.

I believe we were ALL born to stand out! We are all unique in the skills, abilities, personalities and purpose we have been blessed with. The last thing we should do is blend in to the crowd.

People want to have outstanding resumes and yet those same people want to learn how to fit in at work when they do get the job.

Why is it some people just “stand out” and leave lasting impressions on us while others we meet are quickly forgotten?

Some people leave us feeling better about ourselves and the world around us. Others brighten the room by leaving.

The difference between someone who stands out and the ones who just blend in isn’t necessarily huge. Most times the smallest differentiation can be the key to establishing your uniqueness and brilliance.

  • The difference between a smile and a frown is only a few muscles.
  • The difference between a positive response and a negative one is just a few words.
  • The difference between a great tip and a poor one is just a few bucks.
  • The difference between a well-written post or email and a poorly-written one is just a few minutes.

Things That Can Make You Unique

  1. Become a reader. One thing that can make you unique is being a reader. Reading is something very few people do. Less than 42% of college graduates ever read a book after graduating. Simply becoming a reader will set you apart and differentiate you from the crowd. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds. Learn how to become a reader. Here’s my recommended reading list to get started.
  2. Wear a smile. If you can’t be happy all the time, at least learn how to appear happy when you are in publicBe positive, enthusiastic and passionate about everything you do. An upbeat, positive, professional attitude stands out. No matter what life throws your way, it’s important to show that you can stay confident and upbeat. If you’re not having fun , you’re not doing it right! People generally enjoy being around folks who are pleasant, encouraging, and uplifting, rather than complaining, negative, and miserable.
  3.  Be friendly.   You should always be the first one to greet others when meeting them. Do it in a musical, upbeat and friendly tone of voice with a firm handshake. Be open and approachable. Engage others and show a genuine interest in their lives and their thoughts. Find a mentor to help you get to know people. Build relationships based on trust. Let your personality shine through in everything you do. Be you!
  4. Communicate intelligently. Be confident, respectful, and concise in all of your communication. The reasons effective communication is necessary are obvious. Pay careful attention not only in e-mails, but also in your social media posts, on the phone, and in face-to-face conversations. Give your full attention, maintain eye contact, and don’t be glancing at your smart phone.  An attentive, respectful listener is hard to find. Developing great communication habits goes a long way towards standing out from the crowd.
  5. Be outstanding in your field. Commitment, dedication and involvement stand out. Be more prepared than everyone else on your team. Do your research, gather your resources, and show up prepared and ready to work. If you’re actively engaged and make a significant contribution to your team, it will be noticed. Volunteer to take part in charity events or be a part of activities that are outside your duties and obligations.

By: Ben Kubassek

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