Leencaa fi Jaldeessa

Jaldeessatu haadha manaa leencaa jaallatee ani bareedaan kun sijaalladhe jedhee haadha manaa leencaatti hime isheenis tole jetteenii galtee ‘osoo ati jirtuu jalduu tortoraan sin jaaladha naan jedhe’ jettee leencootti himte. Obbo leencoonis mala male haadha manaa isaatiin akkas jedheeni guyyaa tokko inni hin jiru jedhiitii marqaa marqii waami ani immoo baaxii manaa irran taa’aa jedheen Isheenis marqaa marqitee jalduu waamte. Innis dhufee marqaa erga nyaate booda ana moo obbo leencoo keetu irra bareeda jedhee irra deebi’ee haadha manaa leencaa gaafate. Isheenis situ bareeda jetteeni. Booda osoo obbo leencoon amma sitti dhufee maal goota? jettee gaafatte. Innis hin shakku (hin sodaadhu) jedheen.

Yeroo kana obbo leencoon baaxii irraa gadi bu’ee jalduudhaan maal asii goota jedhee gaafannaan rakkadheen kadhaa dhufe jedheeni. Itti aansee obbo leencoon funyaan kee kana maaltu akkana sigodhe? jedheen. Jaldoonis ganamaaf galgala waaqa osoon kadhuun akkas ta’e jedhen. Leencoon deebisee hudduu kee kanahoo maaltu akkas sigodhe? jedhee gaafate. Ganamaafi galgala mukarran foqoqa isaatu akkas nagodhe jedhe. Harka kee kana hoo maaltu akkas sigodhe? jedhee gaafannaan ganama ririma galgala ija mukaa funaanuutu na luqqise jedhe jedhamaa.



Published by

Tadesse Gedefa Mekonnen

Thank you for visiting my web page! As you see on the top of this web page, my name is Tadesse Gedefa Mekonnen. I come to this world from poorer family. However, people in the region says my are middle class family. I think this is possible because comparison of income is contextual. My educational background is some what mixed. My educational background is some what mixed. I did two Masters degree: one in Public Health (MPH) and another in Social Psychology. My undergraduate degree was Sociology and Social Work. I also BSC in Medical Laboratory Technology from Gondar University. Further, I won NUFFIC scholarship for international course in Health development of the 2014/15. I had been working for Adama Science and Technology University from 2007 till 2014 as trainer, program coordinator and Chief senior expert in the areas of Sexual reproductive health (SRH) and right, HIV/AIDS, Gender, drug addition, peer education, mentor-ship and life skill. I also provide courses for undergraduate students such as Introduction to sociology, Research, Social Work and community development. I like to work under pressure, because I belief that pressure makes a employee perfect. The most important thing in my life is moral values & respect for friends, womens, elders and for minority population. I believe in diversity and change. I love to discuses issues related to democracy, right and freedom of people to access health, education, justice and other social services. My future plan is to provide consultancy and mentorship in the areas of my expertise for low and middle income countries especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East.

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